Talentspotting helps recruiters get the job done.

All that we do

from when we get up in the morning until we go home builds on making recruitment easier.
It helps us focus on what we do best - automating the entire recruitment process.

Automating recruitment process

From simple candidates registration and job applications, attractive presentation of jobs, straight forward job application, awesome user communication in every recruitment step, referral tracking, measurement and payments, up to smashing reports that help recruiters understand achievements an reach their goals.

employee referral management

Boost your own talent channel by engaging your own employees to share available jobs to their friends, using social channels like Facebook, LInkedIn, Whatsapp or even SMS, email, you name it.

candidates management

There are many things to do after you get notified when new candidates applied for your jobs! We make entire candidate communication and status update very easy for recruiters, so that they have more time interviewing.

recruiting process optimization

Recruiters and managers update candidates status in each recruitment phase they are promoted to. Notes, dates, responsibles and service level agreements are now a piece of cake.

Main features

Imagine how your brand could take over these beautiful screens and inspire
your recruiters, managers, employees and future wanna be employees in an amazing recruitment journey.

  • Review main recruitment KPI
    and your employees engagement

  • Manage jobs
    available to be shared

  • Candidates management
    from lead to success hired

  • Update platform look & feel
    to your company brand book guidelines

  • View vacant jobs
    available to share to your friends

  • View job details
    to know which friend is more suitable

  • View your profile
    which show years by industries, companies or skills

  • Edit your profile
    to increase your hiring chances if apply to a job

  • Apply to jobs
    or share them in your friends circle

What are we doing for your recruitment process?

Our sales team will meet you in person, as our support team will make sure ,
that your recruiting experience is improving drastically.

Helping you step by step

in Talentspotting recruitment journey.

You will have an account owner

to help you with your automated recruitment journey with Talentspotting.

You will be able to customize

your own Talentspotting, to engage users with your employer branding.

Your feedback matters

and help us develop your unique recruitment specifics, reporting needs and so oncu orice model de telefon.

Use Talentspotting to help your recruiters get the job done

Why should I use Talentspotting?

Your recruitment process is changing your steakholders experience for ever.

Designed for mobile

Talentspotting allows users to view jobs, share them among friends or even apply to most suitable ones, from any device, any browser.

Social animal

that really empowers employees to obuld their own talent streams by sharing jobs using multiple channels: Facebook, LinkedIn, Whatsapp, SMS, email and recruiters can share jobs and measure results also from eJobs, bestJobs or Hipo.

Outreach recruitment objectives

by exponentially growing the candidates base each time employees share relevant jobs among their friends, endorsing employer branding ever more.

Flexible and secure

allowing you to innovate much faster, reliable and less risks than one could imagine.

GDPR bullet proof

is important for any company's peace of mind regarding users personal information protection.

Up to date

with Talentspotting latest features that allow users to enjoy the fully automated experience.

Proud to automatize their recruitment process


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