Boost social recruitment and employee referral and reach candidates nobody else is reaching!

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Smart and proactive recruitment

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80% quality applications out of all applications

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45% avg. engagement rate of employees in the program

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85% of users would recommend Talentspotting

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1 hire out of 5 applicants

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2 applications from 100 job views

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Avg. 20,000 views generated by 50 shares

Enable your employees to find their best connections with no effort across all networks.

  • Chrome Add-ons for them to recommend candidates directly from their Linkedin account.
  • Linkedin integration with matching between jobs and profiles
  • Social network instant sharing. One-click sharing of jobs to all networks.

Find the best candidates nobody is managing to engage! And turn your employees into the most engaged employer brand ambassadors!


See which actions are working and optimise your referral strategy to increase the engagement of your employees.

  • Track all actions in the platform and see which ones have better conversion.
  • Gamify the actions you want to encourage and which engage your employees.

Use your time and resources on things that work!


So simple because everything is in-built and automated. For both the recruiters and your employees.

  • Easy set-up with no implementation.
  • In-built communication - notifications, statuses, campaign launching, ending, etc.
  • Strategy optimization flows and gamification campaigns.

Move from “post-and-pray” to a proactive recruitment approach!


A solution matching all recruitment needs


Empower your employees to become brand ambassadors and recruit any of the profiles you desire. All available features - social network engagement, gamification, tracking, mobile, reward management.


Make sure you differentiate your recruitment in this highly competitive market. Use the graduate module to access graduate talent before your competition, turn your applicants into ambassadors and consolidate your brand.

Retail (blue collar)

Special modules adapted for profiles who do not use a computer or a smartphone on a daily basis.

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